Alison Heeley

Coordinator, Waste Not Bellingen

Alison has been a member of environment groups, for the past 25 years, inspired by immersion in nature as a child, and later being part of forest actions such as the East Gippsland/Goolengook forest blockade.
Alison has completed 2 Permaculture Design Certificates, one 15 yrs ago in the Dandenongs in Melbourne, and one with Robyn Francis 6 years ago in Bellingen.
Alison is currently a member of Waste Not Bellingen, and the Sustainability officer within her workplace.
Alison will be travelling overseas this year to volunteer with conservation projects, wwoof, and learn as much as she can about sustainability, ecology, endangered species conservation, and what environmental projects other communities are doing that are making a difference to preserve eco-systems and to mitigate climate change.
Alison will be travelling to Sumatra initially, to learn more about the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan, the devastating impact Palm Oil plantations are having on the orangutan’s habitat and survival, and to learn more about what can be done to turn the tide to ensure the survival of the Orangutan.