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Andrew has a very powerful communication style:

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  • Happiness & It’s Causes

    Andrew speaks at the Happiness & It’s Causes International Conference, June 2018.

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Environmental Educator. Wildlife Naturalist. Speaker. Writer.

Andrew is a one of a kind environmental educator and wildlife naturalist with a professional career in conservation land management and environmental education, both as a private consultant, and with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

  • “Andrew helped open the doors of the forest, sparking my lifelong passion for birds and all that they can teach us.”

“His true power as a teacher comes from a rare ability to take the formidable complexity of the natural world and reveal a deeper layer of interconnectedness, told through stories that are meaningful, personal, and inspiring!”

About Andrew

Andrew Turbill is a wildlife naturalist and professional environmental educator with two decades of practical experience developing innovative nature connection programs for youth, businesses and community along the East Coast of Australia.

Whether presenting climate change science to teachers or instructing teenagers on how they can track predators across the landscape by listening to birds, Andrew’s guiding philosophy remains the same: create meaningful and authentic experiences which inspire a love of nature.

We are biologically and psychologically hard-wired to live in the natural world but many of us don’t get enough wild-time for our own good. The survival of human civilization beyond this century depends on reawakening our wild nature and repairing our connection to the planet.

But how?

Andrew presents on a range of ways we can awake from the screen-dream and once again embrace our wild side before we lose more than just our health.

Speaking Topics

ReWilding our Children : Nature Connection that Works

Our children are losing their wild connection with nature and it matters. It is not simply that there is less wild nature to connect with, rather we are failing to engage with even the commonest events and phenomenon of the natural world. A great forgetting is underway, with far reaching consequences for our health and wellbeing.

But reWilding our children and communities is not only possible it’s a survival imperative for humanity, says environmental educator Andrew Turbill. Children are biologically hard-wired to learn from nature but only if their experiences are fun, authentic and self-directed, which mostly they are not. In this captivating presentation Andrew explores the compelling benefits of nature connections programs to childhood lifelong learning and health. With over two decades of working on the front line reWilding children, Andrew provides a swag of practical advice for innovative youth-in-nature programs that really work, covering youth-mentoring, bush-craft survival skills, tracking predators through bird language and managing risks in the outdoors. Andrew brings to the table a fresh perspective on nature connection education and one that children, teachers and parents will absolutely love.

Suitable for teachers, outdoor education providers and parents.

The Wisdom of Bird Language

Speaking Engagement and/or Workshop

Andrew will demonstrate how (re)learning simple observation techniques to hear the many voices of our birds enables us to eavesdrop on the secrets of the forest and track predator animals as they move through our local landscapes (backyards, schools, bush reserves etc). Rich in personal anecdotes and powerfully captivating, Andrew will open new pathways of reconnection with Nature. Bird language brings a new dimension to nature observation because it taps into an ancestral survival knowledge where knowing when a predator was approaching meant living another day.

Perfectly suited for students in Stages 3 – 6.

Playing God – Changing the Climate of Planet

Speaking Engagement

Our machines move more rock and dirt around the planet than all the world’s rivers combined, our energy needs are comparable to the tectonic forces which move continents and create earthquakes – we are not merely the weather makers, we are planetary engineers. In this far-reaching & engaging presentation Andrew Turbill reveals the awesome extent of our influence on Earth’s biosphere and explains in glorious simplicity HOW climate change works. The real power of Andrew’s approach to climate change communication is in his natural ability as a storyteller. This presentation will not only inform but also inspire.

Suitable for all ages.

Games-based Approaches to Environmental Education

Training Workshop

It can be notoriously challenging to get children hooked on the natural world, but engage them we MUST for their health and wellbeing. A games-based learning approach does all the hard work for you, welding fun and insightful learning together to take nature connection to a whole new level. Co-presented with outdoor youth educator Tyler Parkes, this will be the training opportunity where you will still be using your new skills many years later. Step into the arena of the Predator & Prey Game to experience the mind of the hunter and hunted where the environmental learning is very real and the fun is compelling.

  • Disconnect to Reconnect

    Andrew speaks at the Disconnect to Reconnect Forum, Bellingen LeaF Festival, July 2016.

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“If you need a visitor or speaker to spice up your youth group or grassroots organisation, you have to get … Andrew Turbill! He lit up the room with his fascinating past lifestyle, his current naturalist outlook and intriguing perspective on a healthy future. His knowledge even enthuses the uneducated to get involved through witty humour and a positive demeanour. Everyone appreciated his presence at Young Mercy Links and agreed that he was a vital speaker to have visit!”

Laura HopkinsonYoung Mercy Links Sustainability Evening, Melbourne

“I went to my first climate change talk of Andrews in 2009. The science back then was just as alarming, but Andrew presented it in a way with enough creative metaphors, hope and wit to engage and inspire my young student self. I remember that talk as being a pivotal moment in sparking my biospheric consciousness. His continual mentoring has helped shape an understanding of myself in this world.”

Zianna FuadBellingen EYE

“His enthusiasm and depth of knowledge for birds and ecology was equalled by a desire to engage others in the their mysteries. Rather than ticking birds off a list, Andrew helped open the doors of the forest, sparking my lifelong passion for birds and all that they can teach us.”

Claire DunnNature’s Apprentice, www.naturesapprentice.com.au

Examples of Speaking Engagements

Climate Change Update – Marine Discovery Series, National Marine Science Centre, March 2016.

Bird Language Presentation & Games-based Learning Workshop – Environmental & Zoo Education Conference: Armidale, February 2016.

Climate Change Science Update – EEC’s Rural & Remote Principals Conference: Cascade Environmental Education Centre, July 2016.

Living Wild Presentation – Adventure Time, Sydney July 2016

Primitive Fire Workshop – Bellingen Winter Music Festival, Bellingen July 2016

Disconnect to Reconnect: How Nature Makes us Healthier – Bellingen LeaF Festival, July 2016 Watch video

Rewilding our Children: Nature Connection that Works – Happiness & It’s Causes International Conference, June 2018 Watch video

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