Wandering and Wondering in a World of Waste

I fully blame my Year 6 teacher for my obsession with litter and waste. Mr Thaw was one of those teachers who was terrifying if you came across him on the playground – very stern and not willing to accept an iota of nonsense. But once you were in the sacred realm of his classroom, […]

The Mouse Undertaker

A couple of nights ago I was sitting by the fire reading New Scientist when I heard from somewhere in the kitchen the telltale “eeeeeekk…eeeeeek!!” screams of a mouse having a very bad night.  Confounded by this unexpected rupture to my otherwise peaceful night, I peered towards the source of the noise for further updates, […]

The Secret Place

“The hardest thing of all to see is what is really there” J.A Baker (The Peregrine, 1967) North of my office window at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, where the flat fields of the plateau fall away sharply into the mighty escarpment (often mistakenly called the “mountain” – but don’t get me started…) there is a […]

The Wisdom of Wilderness: Part 1 by Andrew Turbill

Some years ago I was invited to lead a mob of year 12 students on a week-long hike along some 65km of the Guy Fawkes River, west of Dorrigo. It was a schoolies week celebration but swapping out the glamour and inebriation of Gold Coast nightclubs for the introspection and sobriety of a remote natural […]

The Storm

Around midnight last night the insides of my eyelids exploded with electric-purple light, followed almost instantaneously by a tremendous thunderclap that surely put the chooks off the lay for weeks.  After leaping out of bed to madly shut doors and windows like preparing a submarine for its watery descent, I spent the next hour delightfully […]

Dumplings and Doves by Andrew Turbill

I was walking through Chinatown in the big smoke of Sydney last week looking for fresh dumplings when my phone vibrated. It was a message from my friend Matt. He wanted to know if I’d seen any Topknot Pigeons flocking over the valley and if so what the heck are they eating? I looked around […]

The Art of Adventuring by Andrew Turbill

There is a careful art to adventuring. The tricky part of any adventurous experience is ensuring your level of planning detail is not so overbearing as to snuff out any chance for misadventure. Too much misadventure and you likely won’t live long enough to tell the story (see film “Into the Wild”, for example), too […]