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“Being out in the bush at camp is kind of indescribable….we are in the forest, dancing and making wild noises in our tribe….and it’s like we are ourselves, our real raw selves, and we aren’t hiding anything and it is okay……and so much fun!”

SavannahAge 16

“My daughter is a girl of the great indoors. Over the years that she has attended EYE camps she has gained a real appreciation of the natural world and is much more comfortable and confident with her place in it as a consequence.

I think more real learning is to be had on a 3 day EYE camp than a term at school – learning about working with others in a group; learning about thinking independently; learning about the world around us; learning new skills and learning about responsibility. It has also been great fun. EYE is an invaluable part of my daughter’s education.”


“A fun adventurous holiday with all my friends… The mentors on this camp are both incredible role models and beautiful, fun, smart people! I also love getting to know new people and making new friends, that is definitely also a stand out. The bonds you form on a camp like this are tight, family like bonds. I think jEYE provides the perfect balance between education and fun and provides important life skills. I love going on jEYE so much.”

EllaAge 14

“…EYE has transformed the ways I live my life, creating a space that furthers my own sense of self and the way I interact with the natural world.”

ZiannaAge 18

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