Jason John


Jason’s anticipated career in ecology took a detour when he converted to Christianity in his early twenties, and ended up becoming a Uniting Church minister.

Since then he has worked to help people rethink the place of humanity in the world, in the light of the new science creation stories, and the gospels (ecofaith.org).  This brought him to Bellingen as an “eco-minister” where he started the former Bellingen ecofaith community.  He now works with Uniting Earth in NSW/ACT  (unitingearth.org.au), but continues to live locally.

Jason appreciates the Uniting Church’s professed desire for an intellectually credible faith, shaped by contact with contemporary thought, and its desire to remain a place where our diverse membership can continue as pilgrims of faith together. He’s been an atheist, agnostic, a biblical literalist and an evolutionary Christian, so is well placed to co-operate with any people of good will to work for the reconciliation and renewal of our Earth family.