Join the Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub

Initiated by Inspiring Australia, NSW Regional Science Hubs are creating conscious citizens who care about and take action in this world.

Are you an arts organisation, a community organiser, a venue or a festival organiser? This event is for you!

We are calling for all kind of organisations to join the Hub. The fact is, science shapes so many of our daily activities that we’re not even aware of, that just about anyone can benefit. All kinds of organisations are able to get involved – from businesses and startups to chambers of commerce, sustainability education groups, theatre societies and community gardens. NSW Regional Science Hubs are often led by local, not-for-profit community groups, the arts and cultural sector or by the local council, a library or a museum. The lead organisation of the Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub is the Centre for Ecological Learning.

Inspiring Australia is about connecting scientists to the broader community and bridging the gap between science and society. The strategy is based on a ‘national framework-local action” approach. Science Hubs provide the grassroots, ground up means of achieving impact by facilitating the delivery of science outreach programs at a local level.

The newly formed Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub is having its’ first Partner Launch event in Bellingen on Wed April 18th with special guest, Jackie Randals, NSW Manager of Inspiring Australia. This will be a networking event, which will bring together current and potential partners for the Hub. At this event, you can find out more about what the hub is, why this national strategy is important, and what other Hubs are doing.

Providing community access to science and technology has many benefits, from sparking curiosity and helping people to understand how to take an evidence-based approach to making decisions about issues that affect them, to inspiring young people about the interesting careers that flow from science, technology, engineering and maths studies. The CCRSH is focused on connecting our communities with science for a sustainable future. “Together, we are much stronger, and are more able to positively influence the future”, says Amy Denshire from the Centre for Ecological Learning.