Lisa Siegel

Treasurer, YAP Mentor, Facilitator (Active Hope/Deep Ecology)

Lisa is a skilled environmental educator with over 20 years experience in developing and facilitating educational experiences for children, young people, and adults. Lisa was instrumental in helping a group of students establish Bellingen EYE in 2007 and helped facilitate EYE camps over the years until it morphed into YAP… which she continues to mentor with great enjoyment. Lisa has had multiple roles in CEL over the years, including founding board member, chairperson, treasurer,  programming, facilitation, publicity, administration, and, well, just whatever needs to be done.

Lisa has a Masters in Education from Columbia University and a Masters in Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney.  She is currently undertaking PhD research in Environmental Education at Southern Cross University where she is part of the Sustainability, Environmental, and Arts Education (SEAE) Research Cluster and works as a tutor for the School of Education. Lisa’s academic work is balanced by her heart work – she has trained in Deep Ecology/The Work That Reconnects with John Seed and Joanna Macy, and has been a student of Insight Buddhism and a member of Tallowwood Sangha for ten years.

That all sounds very serious – but Lisa gets great enjoyment out of all her work! She also loves being a mother and an auntie, a member of Bellingen Playback Theatre and Bellingen Write Club, and hanging out with her family and her chickens.