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  • "It‘s really fun and I’ve learnt so much this year about birds, animals, insects, tracking, bush food and environmental topics. On each walk I learn something new and interesting."

    Lily, 13 years

What kinds of Projects do we partner with?

CEL partners with many other organisations to deliver a wide range of workshops, camps, and events that cover a variety of topics, centred on Ecological Wellbeing.

Project Scope

Projects need to to align with CEL’s Vision, Mission and Impact statements.

Projects can cover a variety of sustainability topics and issues. They are often facilitated by passionate local experts, or may feature special guest facilitators from further afield.

Projects we partner with not only educate participants about crucial environmental challenges that face us, but also empower them to take actions that address these challenges.

Whilst CEL’s primary target market is children and young people, CEL’s projects are community-based and we seek to support intergenerational education.

Past Projects

LeaF Festival | Eco-Learning Festival | 2014-2018
Active Hope | Workshop | Deep Ecology | 2014-2017
Where the Wilds Things Are | Camp | Deep Time in Nature for Adults | 2016
Natural Cosmetics | Workshop | 2016
Charcoal Making for Cooking | Workshop | 2016
Buddha Touched the Earth | Retreat | Deep Ecology and Dharma | 2013-2016
Eat the Street | Edible Streetscapes Project | 2015
Gen2Gen | Leadership & Camp Program | 2013
Beekeeping | Workshop | 2013

Why partner with CEL?

Vast experience to draw on

CEL has been running successful nature connection programs since 2007. We assess all our projects to ensure that the highest quality outcomes are achieved and we continue to improve our techniques.

Trust & Reputation

CEL has established a reputation and trust within our community by delivering high quality events for more than a decade.