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Our children are losing their wild connection with nature and it matters.

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  • “Andrew helped open the doors of the forest, sparking my lifelong passion for birds and all that they can teach us.”


We rely on our sponsorship to keep our organisation running.

We offer the following sponsorship packages, however, are happy to tailor a package that suits your organisation.

We also have organisations who are “Supporters of CEL”, whereby they donate a percentage of their profits each year.

CEL Sponsorship

Education  |  Inspiration  |  Empowerment 

We offer two tiers of CEL sponsorship. Contact us for more information.

LEAF Sponsorship

Eco-Learning Festival as part of the Bello Winter Music Festival

We offer one major sponsorship for the LEAF Festival. Contact us for more information.

CCRSH Sponsorship

Connecting our communities with science for a sustainable future

We offer one major sponsorship for the CCRSH Festival. Contact us for more information.

“Being out in the bush at camp is kind of indescribable….we are in the forest, dancing and making wild noises in our tribe….and it’s like we are ourselves, our real raw selves, and we aren’t hiding anything and it is okay……and so much fun!”

Savannah, Age 16

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