Thea O’Connor

Board Member

Thea is a health and business writer, presenter and coach, specialising in Personal Sustainability. Over the last 20 years Thea’s work has spanned nutrition, body image, workplace health and sleep science, in the forms of 1-1 consultations, prevention and early intervention initiatives in schools and workplaces, conference presentations and writing for national media outlets.

In all of these arenas Thea considers herself a long-standing Advocate of the Body in an increasingly disembodied culture that drives us to: over-ride our natural rhythms, then over-rely on artificial stimulation to get us through the day; over-write our natural physical diversity with photo-shopping or cosmetic surgery, then aspire to cruel body ideals that leave us feeling less-than. At the heart of all her work is the vision of creating body-honouring cultures at work, at school and at home, so we can all flourish.

Thea has always loved her work, because she does what she loves: challenging and reshaping the socio-cultural norms that make us sick. Since discovering napping about eight years ago while running her workplace health consultancy in Melbourne, Thea has never had to struggle through the afternoon slump again. As a Naptivist she is committed to normalising the powernap – the ultimate renewable energy practice – in our working lives.