Tyler is 23 years old, and started his journey along the trackless path of outdoor education upon leaving high school. His “gap year” turned into five, in which he ventured to 28 countries across 6 continents. One place in particular really captivated him – a place called Summit (in British Columbia, Canada), which is perched at the foot of a glacier in the Squamish Valley. Summit Outdoor Education Centre is a leading provider of Outdoor Education in Canada, and Tyler has spent part of each year for the last five years working there, in a variety of roles including Director of Activities. He has given instruction in outdoor activities, primitive skills, sensory awareness, and deep ecology to nearly 20,000 kids from all over the world.

Bellingen EYE and the Centre for Ecological Learning is incredibly lucky that Tyler came to Bellingen to live, and Tyler has now been a key Camp Mentor for the last few years. He is very excited to help develop and teach new Outdoor/Ecological Education models in this area and in Australia. He believes that Outdoor Education is not so much about finding new landscapes but in finding new eyes for the world around us. He is most at home when he is outside and he is happiest when he can share some of his passion for the outdoors with other people. When he is not at camps he can be found surfing, climbing, or playing music.